Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inspiration: Bjørg Jewelry

“For me jewellery is a very intimate thing which reflects our passions and emotions. I believe we all need joy and some glitz in our lives, and l feel very privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference to other people by adding some sparkle to special occasions as well as those random days in between! My work is very intuitive and most of it happens without me really knowing where it came from or how..."


TIME AWAY - BJØRG 2010 from Matias&Mathias on Vimeo.

Timeless keepsakes to remember all your memories.

I'm in love with Bjorg jewelry. If I could buy everything, I would! If you have a special occasion coming up and your looking for a gift for a loved one, Bjorg is the way to go. And did I mention their website is amazing...

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