Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who's your MUSE: Christina Aguilera

Yeah, I said it! CHRISTINA AGUILERA. I've been a fan of this racy feminist since the late 90s. She's went through so many transformations over the years and I love that she always remains true to herself. I have to admit I haven't been a fan of all her ensembles, but I appreciate that she does whatever she pleases. Plus, her style channels the 50s like moi! Can't live without my corsets, bustiers, and cardigans.

Lately, I've noticed people have been calling her a wannabe Gaga and making a lot of remarks about her new video, "Not myself tonight". Apparently, getting married and having a child didn't change the way she expresses herself. She is firm believer in promoting feminism and sexuality. I think she's an amazing artist and I've been jamming to her new album, Bionicin the past few days. My favorite tracks include, "Bionic" "Woohoo", "Elastic Love", "Sex for Breakfast", "You lost me", and "I am"

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This has nothing to do with Xtina, but I must express my thoughts on style. According to Merriam-Webster style is "a distinctive manner of expression." I agree, however, I believe style is an art and it gives a peak into the depths of your mind. To me the people with the best style are the ones who make something out of nothing or can make a shabby article of clothing from the thrift store look good!

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