Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly Updates

Went to the Sex and the City 2 Premiere with Korndog today. The movie was great. No spoilers, but I have to say the styling wasn't as epic as the previous movie. There were a couple of OooooHs and Ahhhhhsss, but not what I expected. Needless to say, its a classic chick flick that will be in my girly collection of DVDs one day. Other than that, I was also able to be apart of the CFDA Incubator Open house which occurred last week. Several designers, including Justin Giunta, whom I intern for was able to show CFDA president, Diane Von Frustenburg, press, bloggers, and other fashion industry professionals where all the creativity takes place. In the words of Justin, the Incubator is a "fashion frat only with better cocktails!"