Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Summer 2010: Verisimilitude

Edward Scissorhands Inspiration from Brittney Jones on Vimeo.

Above, is an update on what I've been doing lately. Excuse the pixilation, but it took me hours to figure out how to upload this correctly. Basically, I'm working on my first jewelry collection inspired by Edward Scissorhands. The collection, "Verisimilitude", will epitomize Edward's bittersweet life and his experience to fool's paradise. Look Forward to quartz crystals, handmade wooden adornments, and a amalgamation of eerie and whimsical pieces.

I'll keep you posted!!

Here are my concept collages featured in the video

Like most fairy tales, there are two worlds; Burton illustrates this through color and music. Edward lives in an isolated castle high above the suburban valley where everything is dark, eerie, and vacant. While the town below, is visually perfect, uniform, and bright. Burton uses a monochromatic scale and a pastel color palette to draw the distinction between the two.

This is what I like to call "Fool's Paradise". Edward was brought into a totally new world where everything is perfect, uniform, and bursting of pastel. Burton created a 1960 American nightmare where men worked and women stayed home to gossip all day. To the naked eye, this may seem like a place of no worries. However, the town, which is supposed to represent this perfect humble place, embodies phony, judgmental, and intolerant beings. Edward realizes he is an outsider who cannot touch nor communicate his emotions due to his scissorhands. This limitation causes him to be misperceived by the majority of society. He attempts to conform to societal norms; however, he soon realizes it is completely impossible. Ironically, the dark and mysterious Edward, who apparently isn’t 100% human, is the most humane of them all. His body is incomplete, but he exemplifies the most heart.

The collage above is named Bittersweet.

In reality, people who don’t fit in or are just a little different then others tend to be misunderstood and experience alienation. Edward found love, but he wasn’t able to express it. In the end, he escaped the prison of society and lived through memory and his art of sculpture. I thought a snow globe would represent this perfectly since most of them usually have something to represent a person, occasion or place from your past. In addition, you can not touch what's inside, you can only look and remember those moments. And most importantly, in the fairy tale aspect, Edward Scissorhands is a tale about the creation of snow.

Most fairytales have a happy ending, whereas Edward Scissorhands is more bittersweet. Although, Edward has a bizarre flaw, most people can relate to not fitting in or feeling different from others. Chiefly, this modern fairy tale has a hint of truth behind the comedy and romance.

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