Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm back, fully refreshed, and ready to work! I used my winter break to learn various techniques to incorporate into my jewelry. I've been getting a lot of requests and I will be selling pieces on etsy VERY soon. My collection will be called "Synthesis". Its defined as a new unified whole resulting from the combination of different ideas, influences, or objects.
This brand represents me as well as what I do. I originally went to college for my other love.... biology, believe it or not. I used to examine various organisms and I would end up visualizing different patterns and get so inspired to make things. That is the main reason I transfered to the Art Institute. Synthesis represents my love for biology and the fun I have reconstructing garments and accessories. My main purpose in creating this DIY brand is to show people that you don't have to spend huge amounts of money on statement pieces. You can create them from things you already have! Overall, I combine different techniques that incorporate elements from vintage and modern pieces to create one of kind accessories.
Below are some of my latest creations:

Crochet Chain Necklace
So I learned how to crochet on youtube the other day. It was 3am and I had the urge to create and this is the result. This was kinda an experiment, but I really like the whole concept so watch out for more combinations and colors in the next couple of weeks.

I will also be creating more single crochet chains also

You can wear it as a bracelet too!

Cobra Chain Belt

When I was younger my mom sent me to camp and we used to do lanyard projects all the time. I decided to use that same technique, but using ribbon instead. The belt is durable and cute. I used gold keychain rings to connect the chains.

Square Braid Bracelet
Another technique I learned over the break is finger looping. This is the square braid

More to come! Look out for the update with "Synthesis"...until then, stay up to date with my facebook page!

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Anonymous said...

i love these!!! you should sell them on your blog cuz i would def purchase some. lol.