Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inspiration: Tim Burton

Since there was a mild snow storm, everyone has been cooped up in the house, most likely being a huge couch potato or staring at the computer screen. Don't feel discouraged, I'm doing both! However, you should spend your boredom wisely =D (In other words...Be Productive!)
 Anyway, I happened to watch Sleepy Hollow last night, so I decided to dig up some information about the one & only...Tim Burton. He's always been a huge inspiration, but I never took the time find out who he is personally. He won me over with Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorshands. & Last but not least, his collaboration with Danny Elfman is GENIUS! I love Elfman's work, especially in Edward Scissorhands and Batman. I actually had the chance to play both of these pieces when I was in high school and it gave me goosebumps!
For you music lovers, check out some of Elfman's work below and if you don't like it then you suck & keep scrolling down = )

Here is an interesting mini interview of Tim at the Museum of Modern Art.

I love his minimalistic aesthetic and his quirky style. He's the typical high school weirdo who spent his time living in his mind which is depicted in his work and ultimately made him millions. The combination of Burton's visual perspective and artistic style creates nothing, but a masterpiece.

I'm such a kid because I can't wait for Alice & Wonderland 3D to hit theaters March 5th. So mark your calendars! =D

If you want to know more about Tim Burton check out his offical website or
the Museum of Modern Art

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