Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekly Updates

I'm loving this winter break! It feels great to just relax and do what I love. I've been working on a couple things these past couple of days. I made 2 necklaces and I'm in the process of creating a 2010 planner inspired by the RVA planner and a magazine holder.

Here are some images of what I have so far. I actually bought this jewelry case for 2 bucks at a local thrift shop and decided to use it as my time management bible. I took out the bottom and made an accordian planner, then added the watch buckle and bow of course! I'll post more of the inside when its finished.

I was browsing on youtube and came across this awesome DIY project. I plan on doing something similar because I have thousands of magazines laying around the jungle I sleep in and I need to be more organized. Sheesh! Why must artsy people be so unorganized? I think I'm going to make that one of my new years resolutions...

Recyclable & Cute!

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