Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Updates

Sooo, I have been very busy this week, hardly even had a chance to post anything on my blog =(
so prepare yourself, this is gonna be a long post.... =D

But anyway, I had so many effin projects to do...let's just say I hate working in groups, however, my forecasting trends mood board came out pretty friggin dope. After researching our generational cohort we determined our theme and named it "Dangerous Glory", which will represent the zeitgeist of 2012 and the movement from conflict and chaos toward a glorious change....Check out my photoshop skillz


This week I have also been working on a lot of DIY projects. Ever since I started going to the Art Institute, I've been really really low on cash lol. It kinda forces me to be creative and create things out of nothing. I love it, I think I may go forward with this and become an accessory designer one day, so watch out yal! Here are a couple of things I made....

I actually got the studs from an old bracelet. I took them off with an X-acto blade and glued them on my plain old booties, then I took an old satin belt and turned it into a bow. I was inspired by Christian Louboutin's studded booties and I always put bows on everything. Cute or what?

Bad picture, I know, but I actually made this belt out of a curtain tassel. Lol, all I did was braid it and Voilà!

Sorry my pictures suck, but I got this belt from the thrift store and I added a cute little flower pin with some old chains on the side to give it a little boost of my style.

I made this necklace out of some old fabric, I just cut it up and braided it, then interlocked a gold chain to make it pop, and of course I added a bow.

I shredded this shirt a while back, I cut the sides and put a tiny bow at the bottom. I kinda just wanted to show off my tattoo one day =)

There's so much more, I just haven't had the chance to take pictures of everything. As you can see, I've made a lot of things by recycling and reconstructing things I already have at home. I have so many ideas and things to work with, I'll probably have an etsy shop sooner or later...

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