Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nylon DIY: Mui Mui Embellished Thigh Highs

Whoever is obsessed with Mui Mui, you can get these sparkly socks for $20 or less depending on the socks you buy. Nylon mag posted their alternative. Here are their instructions:

1. Take a pair of heavy wool or cotton socks (ours were from Falke, but it doesn't matter - yours can be from the back of your closet).

2. Buy packs of sequins and beads from your local craft store, Keep the color palette tight - silvers, rose-golds, very light pinks, black, and clear baubles only. We actually took a confetti pack and sorted the colors we needed from the rest of the sparkle pack, which took about an hour.

3. Break out a needle and thread, and gently sew the sequins in clusters. Make sure you don't sew anything on the sock's foot, or you won't be able to walk!

4. Wear them around. Make people jealous. You know the drill.

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